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Clever gizmos Keyword Researcher

Clever gizmos is regarded as the Best Keyword tool,

    The most imortant part of content marketing is Keyword Researching. Keywords are the soul of every content, To find these perfect Keywords manually it's not easy, If you have ever spent ten minutes trying to sort keywords data in Microsoft excel then know how difficult Is it.

Clever gizmos Keyword Researcher will help you to find most profitable Keywords,
Clever gizmos is known as a software tool for  Generating Long-Tail Keywords, it will help you to write SEO- Optimized Contents for your website,

Features of Clever gizmos -

1 - Search Long-Tail Keywords on Google
2- Search Long-Tail Keywords on Amazon
3- Search Long-Tail Keywords on YouTube
4- Create Content tab to write web content and insert the high -value Keyword 
5- Assign your Keywords to Articles and sort your Articles into categories 
6- A good negative Keyboard list will ensure that undesirable Keywords don't interfere with your project 
7- Advanced Keyword searching functions to make sense of them
8- Assign your Keywords to a White , Gery and Black list
9- Create custom Keyword tags and assign them to your favorite Keywords
10- Import Google Keyword planner files
11- Import from Microsoft excel
12- Export to CSV and XLS.
Clever Gizmos is so simple and so easy to use and also great for finding niches and sub-niches, new product ideas new content ideas

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